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February Chairs Month!

This video is intended to show the relationship between the independent office supply dealer and their cooperative, Independent Stationers, and how the co-op enables them to be competitive in their marketplace.

Leaders play a vital role in ensuring that the Internet of Things doesn’t harm the Interests of People. Learn seven ways leaders can maximize the payoff of IoT.

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For many years Kyocera Document Solutions has offered competitive testing for Certified Kyocera Technicians throughout the country to promote training and test for technical product knowledge. Those who excel in training, experience and knowledge may participate in the testing, with winners advancing for further competition. Four winners from each region are selected. Regional winners then compete nationally at Kyocera headquarters in Dallas. All regional finalists receive a cash award with the national winner winning an expense paid trip to Japan and China plus a cash award.

Man on cloud using tablet

5 ways you’re using the cloud-and didn’t know it

For many of us “the cloud” seems more like a buzzword than anything. Even if you don’t really understand what it means, according to HP you’re likely already using it if you do these things. Read More

What’s new in Office 2016

Microsoft has officially released Office 2016. While the look of the programs haven't changed much, there are updates to collaboration tools with a continued focus on cloud-related storage and sharing features. Take a look at those changes and how you can take advantage of this update. What's New

Stop using passwords... until you understand the risks

Password protection is far from perfect. Outdated storage methods and a lack of universal best practices have made it easier for hackers to get your passwords--and your data. Most consumers--and businesses--skirt password best practices. What You Should Know

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Q. When I try to reply to emails with a colored background, the text is so hard to read! I change the font color, but I’d like to just get rid of the background. Is there a way to do that? I use Outlook. Read More

steelcase sit stand solution

Modern-day Americans can spend as much as 90% of the day sitting. Too much sitting, too little movement can be a direct cause of weight gain, reduced metabolic rate, backaches and tension. Height-adjustable sit/stand tables and desks have been growing in popularity for a number of years because they provide a practical and healthy solution to the problem of over-sitting. 

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Pace of Windows 10 upgrade continues strong

The day after Microsoft launched Windows 10 worldwide, July 29th, the company announced that the new operating system was running on more than 14 million machines. Its reluctance to disclose any installation totals since the initial announcement may be strategic. 

Technology using special skills of autistic workers

A Danish company hires autistic workers as software testers for their heightened ability to concentrate on details. This is part of a model of commercialism that is gaining momentum called Social Enterprise--and it has some big clients.

Americans’ Views on Mobile Etiquette

Social norms and etiquette are changing. A recent survey by Pew Research explored Americans’ views on using mobile phones in public places and social gatherings and how those views may conflict with their own behaviors.

CIO Review 20 Most Promising DMS Providers 2015

As the area's exclusive DigitTech Systems reseller, we are excited to announce that they have been selected as on the of Twenty Most Promising Document Management Solutions providers for 2015 by CIO Review. 

AUGUST 19th 
11:00AM – 1:00PM

  • The history and evolution of blended learning
  • Trends and the role of technology
  • The traditional teaching model versus the blended model within an Active Learning environment
  • Spatial features that either promote or create barriers for learning and learner well-being in a blended learning approach
Surprised faces of business people

Avoid the top 5 Facebook scams!

Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions Partner logo

Microsoft has awarded Fireside Office Solutions with the Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency at the Silver level.  To earn a Microsoft silver competency, Fireside successfully demonstrated expertise through rigorous exams, culminating in Microsoft certifications. Microsoft also requires customer references for successful implementation and customer satisfaction. 

Lighter and brighter colorsWorkstation near ReceptionInstallation near Service DepartmentChanging up the Breakroom and Restroom locations

Fireside is changing up our working areas and showroom. They will soon be one and the same--we will be a Working Showroom! Our work areas will integrate up-to-date products and encourage employee engagement. Watch for an Open House later this summer! 

It’s true that disasters aren’t a choice, but you can choose how you plan for a disaster. 

  • From Big Ben to Maui in 90 seconds
  • Amazon deliveries in 30 minutes or less
  • NASA Challenge: What are your ideas for a Mars Colony?
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Norihiko Ina, Director of Kyocera Fireside staff at Kyocera Meeting

Norihiko Ina, Director of Kyocera, posing with Chris Whalen and Marcel Bourgois from Fireside at the Kyocera Business & Technology Conference. 

Fireside's Ashley with the car she won

Recently Fireside participated in a CHI St Alexius fundraising dinner. During the event, attendees had the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket for a new car. Ashley, one the interior designers at Fireside won the car! Congratulations, Ashley!

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Fireside has been named an HP Qualified Supplies Partner for HP Ink and Toner. Only HP Qualified Supplies Partners are authorized to sell HP Ink and Toner, ensuring customers are getting a superior purchasing and service experience from HP and its resellers.

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Fireside Office Solutions has been again recognized by Kyocera as a Service Solution Provider (SSP) Dealer. A Kyocera SSP Dealer employs a highly certified service staff and represents Kyocera’s highest level of technical expertise. 

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Concentration Can Be Hard Work – How to Find Focus in the Office

Mindfulness to be one of six dimensions of wellbeing that the workplace can help improve.

Automobile security & privacy gaps revealed

Today's vehicles typically contain more than 50 electronic control units-effectively small computers. A recent study has found that carmakers are not protecting those controls from hackers who might take control of vehicles or steal personal data.

Google adds new warning

Users of Google's Chrome browser are seeing a new, bright red warning about visiting suspicious sites.

What's all the Buzz About Windows 10?

There is a lot of buzz about the next version of Windows, which will debut later this year.We share 5 things you should know.

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How do I change what program is used to open a file?

We got a surprise delivery from 103.3 US Country Cupids! Thank you 103.3 US Country!


The Office Clip Art Library has closed up shop

Originally introduced with only 82 illustrations built into Word in 1996, the Clip Art library ultimately grew to more than 100,000 static and moving images. 

Final countdown begins for Windows 7

January 13, 2015, marked the end of mainstream support for Windows 7 SP1. 

The PC’s future is so bright, you gotta wear shades

We’ve compiled six PC advancements that will transform PC’s in 2015 and beyond.

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There is such a price range on USB flash drives. How do I know what to choose?

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